Cuisinart SM-MG Large Meat-Grinder Attachment For Stand Mixer


If you own a eatery, then you are aware that your customers’ main focus is the food and the beverages you serve them. For example, a major attraction in most restaurants is their meat dishes. The most common types of meat dishes served are beef, pork and chicken. In order to serve tasty meat dishes, the meat needs to be properly prepared and similarly cooked; otherwise you won’t be able to whip up the best possible results. Uneven lumps of meat product look bad on any table and are unattractive to everybody. Well, it is here that a heavy duty and effective meat grinder comes into the picture!

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Meat grinders help to chop up and slice the meat into finely sized pieces. As such, having a good meat grinder helps to save time, as it automatically chops up the meat. An example of an effective heavy-duty meat chopper is the Cuisinart meat grinder (attachment) that is available in a store near you or in the online stores.

Features of Cuisinart Meat Grinder

  • It has three grinding plates for coarse, medium or fine cuts, and two sausage nozzles
  • A heavy duty large meat grinder that does its work in an efficient manner
  • It is an energy saving grinding appliance-connects to a slow speed power outlet on a Cuisinart stand mixer
  • Cuisinart meat grinder comes in a durable stainless metal housing and has a detachable and easy to attach dishwasher-safe parts, for instance the plastic tray component
  • Comes with basic usage and maintenance instructions and some helpful recipes to get you started
  • Comes with multiple cutting blades
  • Has a simple mechanism for stand mixer’s inserting
  • It measures 10½ x 6½ x 8 inches and weighs 3½ pounds


Cuisinart Meat Grinder is one of the easiest grinding appliances to use on the market. It can help grind all sorts of ingredients that a health conscious consumer might personally select. For example, it can grind all types of meats, vegetables and nuts and with ease. On top of this, it can help produce all sizes of sausages. All its parts are attachable, detachable and easy to clean.
According to the customers who make use of the Cuisinart meat grinder attachment, the appliance accomplishes its tasks very efficiently; though it is neither fast nor slow as compared to other grinders in its class. It has the capabilities for producing fine meat paste that can be used to make such items as hot dogs.

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Although the Cuisinart meat grinder advantages far outweigh its disadvantages, there are two of them worth mentioning. Though its metal housing is cast aluminum, it is recommended not to put the grinder into the dishwasher so as to clean it, as the causticity of the dishwasher’s detergents easily destroys the metal’s surface. Secondly, the plastic pusher does not deliver as much force as most users would have preferred. However, the efficiency of the Cuisinart meat grinder when it comes to grinding food substance makes these disadvantages far less noticeable.


Despite the Cuisinart meat grinder being slightly pricey, it is a well-engineered and ingeniously crafted piece of equipment that is suitable for all sorts of grinding tasks. It is a grinding appliance that is made to last and definitely, it is a worthy buy!