Deni 3500 800-Watt Professional Grade Meat Grinder

Deni 3500 Overview

Deni 3500 800-Watt Professional Grade Meat Grinder is a professional grade device that is perfect for grinding all kinds of meat, including venison, pork, veal, chicken, ham and beef. You are able to use it to produce all of your firm family favorite recipes. Follow the usage instructions carefully to fit the right grinders to be able to produce succulent hamburgers, gourmet sausages, tasty meat salads and traditional Italian lasagna minced meats.

A powerful, low noise, one horsepower motor drives the Deni 3500. A handy reverse action motor frees any blockages without the need to waste time and deal with the mess of dismantling the Deni 3500 meat grinder. The key to the popularity of the Deni 3500 Meat Grinder is in its core, the heart of the machine if you like. This is where the grinder is made up of a cutting blade with 3 hardwearing die cast plates. The plates can be selected for fine, medium and coarse cutting. A sausage stuffer accessory is also included together with a food pusher and a hopper large enough for even the biggest loads.

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Features of the Deni 3500 Meat Grinder

  • Grinding capacity 3 lbs of meat per minute
  • Suitable for fine, medium and coarse grinding
  • East to use toggle based on/off and reverse action functions
  • Easy to clean internal components
  • Tough, easy to clean brushed stainless steel external housing
  • Powerful 1 HP motor


The Deni 3500 meat grinder is well respected by reviewers as a machine that delivers exactly what its manufacturers claim. It is both easy to use and also easy to clean. Having the reverse mode facility makes it possible to clear blockages without having to disassemble the Deni 3500 meat grinder, with all the inconvenience and time wasting that this would involve. This advantage cannot be undervalued and makes the Deni 3500 a really good purchase which is value for money. From the critics of the Deni their main negative comments are that the attachments rust too easily; obviously they never owned a wok.

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All wok users know that this famous Chinese cooking pan is expected to be used on a daily, if not hourly basis, and woks rust. The solution, which is both effective and hygienic, is to clean your attachments and dry them carefully. Take a piece of kitchen paper, a drop of vegetable oil and rub it over the metal surfaces; the attachments will be as good as new and protected from rust.


The Deni 3500 meat grinder is a professional meat grinder ideal for use in the home kitchen. It gives commercial quality meat grinding at a price that is inside the budget range of domestic users. Powerful enough to be able to grind 20 lbs of sausage meat inside 30 minutes and supplied with the necessary accessories to be able to fine, medium or coarse grind, it has many different configurations to make it a universal companion. As with all meat grinders, it is important to read the instructions carefully to get the results you are looking for each time and every time.