Maxi-Matic HA-3433A Elite Platinum Meat Grinder


There are varied types of meat grinder models available today and each has its own merits. Most of these grinders come with multiple cutting blades and several helpful attachments. For instance, many offer an attachment for processing sausages, and a tool for pushing the meat into the blades. However, when buying a meat grinder, ensure it is an easy one to clean. For instance, a stainless metal covered meat grinder is much easier to clean than a plastic housed grinder. An example of an easy to clean and efficient chopper is the Maxi-Matic HA-3433A Elite Platinum Meat Grinder.

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If you like hunting and processing your own meat, a medium sized chopper, for instance, the Maxi-Matic meat grinder would definitely work for you. A Maxi-Matic grinder is a perfect appliance for making sausages, hash, hamburgers, beef burgers and also meat loaves.

Features of Maxi-Matic HA-3433A Meat Grinder

  • 550 watt motor to maximize its grinding power
  • It has a reverse switch mechanism that effectively eliminates jamming
  • It comes with rubber feet that make sure it sits stably on the table
  • Comes with a feed- screw shaft that has a seal made of rubber that block liquids from jumping into the motor drive
  • Comes with an aluminum die-cast grinder head that increase its grinding efficiency
  • Has a reset fuse that contributes to overload protection
  • Comes with a food pusher and a sausage stuffing tube


Maxi-Matic HA-3433A meat grinder is crafted to thoroughly as well as quickly grind meat to perfection. Apart from this, it is designed to last, unlike some other grinders in its class. It includes two cast iron cutting discs for both the coarse and fine cuts and has a kebbe attachment for processing sausages. It has an on, off and reverse switch functions. A reverse switch is a great feature to have on a chopper as it helps to eradicate the jams.

Maxi-Matic HA-3433A meat grinder is a well-made kitchen appliance that grinds the meat very efficiently, even without using the provided tool for forcing the meat down to the blades. Actually, a customer who recently bought this particular meat grinder is full of praises about its functionalities and ease of use. According to him, the appliance works just fine and makes lovely ground meat that can be used for a variety of meat processing purposes, for instance for making sausages.

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Furthermore, the machine is very easy to assemble and operate. When it comes to cleaning a Maxi-Matic grinder, it is a very easy machine to clean and maintain.
According to the aforementioned customer, the only disadvantage associated with this meat grinder is its high pitched noise that forces a user to use earplugs when grinding the meat.


All in all, you can purchase this wonderful grinder either online or at a store near you. Just note that if a grinder passes the stale piece of bread test, like the Maxi-Matic, then it is a reliable and sturdy machine that will help with your meat mincing tasks for many years to come. Maxi-Matic HA 3433A meat grinder will only set you back around $85.01. Considering its multi-purpose grinding functionalities, it is a worthy buy!