Waring Pro MG100 Meat Grinder

Waring MG100 Meat Grinder Overview

Waring specializes in the production of blenders and grinders and has more than 60 years experience in providing for commercial kitchen environments. Using the benefits of this experience, the Waring Pro MG100 meat grinder has been developed to provide all the quality expected from commercial products, for use in your own kitchen. Built to uncompromising commercial kitchen standards, the Waring Pro MG100 is ideal for you to grind your own meats, as and when you need them. Therefore, giving you the ability to make your firm family favorite recipes with the freshest ingredients.

The Waring MG100 meat grinder is easy to use and clean. Follow the instructions carefully in order to get many years of satisfactory use in preparing delicious family meals. Once you have the Waring MG100 you may wonder why you stuck with a hand meat grinder for so long. Once used, you will never want to return to the “old grind”.

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Features of Waring Pro MG100 Meat Grinder

  • Five year motor warranty with limitations
  • Commercial class 500 peak watt motor
  • One year appliance warranty with limitations
  • Easy to clean after use
  • Intuitive operation
  • Strong die-cast hopper


A customer who bought the Waring MG100 meat grinder pointed out that knowing how to use the Waring Pro MG100 correctly seems to be one of the key factors in satisfactory use. Perhaps not following the instructions correctly negatively affected some of the reviews of the Waring Pro. First of all you should arrange the meat you are going to grind into cubes that are smaller than one-inch square; too large and the cube will jam in the funnel. Secondly you should be ready to feed the meat into the Waring MG100 meat grinder steadily. If there is a lack of supply when the grinder is operating you risk damaging the grinding mechanism.

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The Waring Pro Meat Grinder MG100 comes at a price that makes it an affordable option for domestic kitchen use. If you want commercial quality meat grinders with industrial performance expect to pay almost 5 times more. It is not the fastest grinder, but once again you pay for what you get. It has been pointed out that a weakness of the Waring MG100 is that it does not come fitted with three coarseness disks. However, as one reviewer pointed out, even meat grinders costing 3 or 4 times as much, don’t come with this feature either. The reviewer also pointed out the reverse action function as a neat feature.


The Waring MG100 is a product that offers meat grinder functionality at the right price for its performance. Should you feel that it does not perform according to its specification discuss this with the retailer who sold it to you. It is clear that following the operating instructions carefully should allow you to have years of satisfaction and trouble-free use from the Waring Pro MG100 meat grinder.